Whether you’re an individual, a company or an association, would you like to personalise your promotional items, print your own creations for a new brand, or simply get a message across? All the objects presented on Store objet publicitaire can be personalised, either on the object itself or on the packaging that accompanies it.

There are many techniques available: embroidery, engraving, pad printing, screen printing, etc. We guarantee a perfect finish, whatever the medium you choose for your business gift.

Some products can also be personalised in several ways.

The cost of marking depends on the technique used, the marking colours and the complexity of the request. Each case must be studied individually.

Whatever marking technique you choose, the technical costs are included in the price quoted, so you won’t be charged extra for the work involved in colour printing.

If you would like to submit a personalisation project, please specify this when requesting a quote. We’ll get back to you the same day with a list of possible variants and a budget.

Our marking techniques
Custom embroidery
Screen printing
Four-colour printing
Digital printing
Pad printing
Offset printing
Environment and format

Our layout artists work on PCs with CorelDRAW X5, Adobe PHOTOSHOP CS5 and Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CS5. You can send us any document from these programs under the following conditions:
If it is an image document, the formats supported are: tif, psd or jpg (for jpg, compression must be zero or as low as possible). The resolution must be 300 pixels per inch at the size required for printing.
If it is a vector document in cdr, ai, pdf or eps format, make sure that the text is vectorised.

Avoid Word documents, which do not guarantee that the fonts used are correct. We cannot use Powerpoint presentation files either.

Textile printing colours

We print your visuals colour by colour. We therefore need to know the Pantone® references of your logos in order to respect your identity as closely as possible. If your logo has a graphic charter, you can send it to us.
Alternatively, you can send us a hard copy of what you want, as colours can vary from one computer screen to another.

Respect for the environment

High-quality ecological textile printing … Our prints are produced exclusively using water-based inks.

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